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About us

Housed and located in “The Lenox Theatre,” the property is the last movie theater on historic Pennsylvania Avenue.  The Lenox Theatre Projects are intended to strengthen the neighborhood commercial district and become a vital part of the greater revitalization strategy for the Pennsylvania Avenue community.


The members of “The Lenox Theatre Projects” are an assembly of like-minded individuals brought together by a collective pursuit: “To progress the social landscape of Baltimore City and Humanity for the better!”  We are positioned to create community projects that will help encourage citizens in the neighborhoods to bring social change through the fostering of love, creativity, exchange of ideas and empowerment of the citizens' unique talents and interests.  More than communities for innovative humanity, our future projects are meant to be offsprings that offer valuable, relevant, educational resources as part of an engaging experience for meaningful relations.


Though each of our projects will have unique identities, at the core of every project is to focus on five principles: Awareness, Motivation, Open-Mindedness, Perseverance, and Truth.  These principals will contribute to a social environment built to encourage the sharing of ideas and lead to the development of social change.


The Lenox Theatre Projects will be comprised of distinct concepts driven by a parallel philosophy that serviceable love and connections are the heartbeats of any decent society.

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